Equipment Must-Haves for Food Plot Management

Oct 9, 2020

A compact tractor equipped with a performance-matched Food Plot Seeder is the ultimate machine for food plot management, and the first purchase you should consider when starting a food plot. Once you have that, you can also add other implements – and, there are a handful of others to help you efficiently and successfully maintain healthy crops and habitats on your hunting property.

Food Plots are used by hunters and hobby farmers alike.

The majority of Kubota’s compact tractor owners are small acreage landowners and hobby farmers who typically use tractors for land maintenance or small food plots. Food plots play a large factor in wildlife hunting and both nonorganic and organic farms. Kubota and Land Pride, our sister company, offer a full line of performance-matched implements specifically designed for small food plots like seeders, cultivators, harrows, tillers and more.

Kubota designs equipment with food plot management in mind.

Kubota regularly sends their research and product development teams into the fields. This is how we know first-hand the needs of our customers. When it comes to compact tractors for small food plots, field inputs can be seen through various features on the tractor – it’s literally designed with you in mind! Kubota is the only brand in the compact tractor market that offers a narrow tractor, the B2320DTN which is 20.9 HP with a width less than 36 inches, to fit in small, narrow rows. And, Kubota is the only brand in the compact tractor market that offers true 2WD only models. Kubota offers Glide Shift Transmission (GST) models in our L60 Series, which features clutchless, shift-on-the-go operation for better speed matching while pulling an implement. In all, there are many features on Kubota compact tractors designed for food-plot work.

Kubota L01 Series Tractor Equipped with a Land Pride Food Plot Series Seeder (FPS48)

The Land Pride Food Plot Seeder, FPS48, is an ideal tool to plant and maintain food plots for the avid hunter or farmer. It is performance-matched to work behind an L01 Series compact tractor and designed and priced for affordable and effective food plot management.

Food Plot seeder

Here’s how it works:

· Highly versatile, full component package is designed to open and break up soil surfaces by disking the soil for seedbed or planting preparation.

· It will then spread the seeds while simultaneously pressing the seeds into full soil contact with a trailing fluted roller/packer.

· It can also be used to spread fertilizer, lime, gypsum and other soil conditioning amendments at distances ranging from 4 feet to 20 feet.

· The rear roller gently presses seeds into the ground for good seed-to-soil contact. It pivots for transport and storage without taking the spreader off the unit.

· The electric spin spreader dispenses seed. A restrictor plate allows smaller seed to be run through the spreader at a lower volume per acre, while the deflector allows you to reduce seed dispersion width down to 48 inches.

· The spin spreader can also be used in the off-season to spread sand or salt for winter icing or slick snow conditions.

Other Implements for outfitting your L01 Series for Food Plot management, include:

  • Land Pride Rotary Cutters: Good for clearing grass, weeds, and varying sizes of brush depending on model selection. Applications include rural acreage, open spaces, row crops and general property maintenance, and enhances wildlife habitat.
  • Land Pride Rotary Tillers: Used to till soil for seedbed or planting preparation. In food plots, a tiller will help to pulverize the seed beds.
  • Land Pride Box Blade: A box blade rips and cuts roots and is good for creating or expanding a food plot in a wooded setting. An adjustable blade allows the operator to create or clean out a ditch or spread material such as gravel along a road.
  • Sprayer: For evenly and safely spraying herbicides and fertilizers.

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